Documenting Your Research

Aim to produce a well-written account of your findings, written in such a way that it will be of interest at least to other members of your family, even those who do not share your enthusiasm for genealogy as such. Donate copies of such an account to relevant local and national genealogical libraries and societies, and to the LDS Family History Library, so that others may subsequently benefit from your work.

Do not put off producing such an account until you have "finished" - work on a Family Tree or an Ancestry Chart will never be complete, so every now and again produce an account summarizing your findings to date. This task will often alert you to possible leads that you have neglected to follow - and the circulation of such a document to family members may well result in their providing you with further information and reminiscences.

The book "How to Write a Family History", by T.V.H. Fitzhugh, is particularly recommended for the advice it gives on writing a real family history - as opposed to just a simple linearized listing of genealogical facts and notes that can be automatically extracted from your database, and neatly formatted and printed, by some of the more sophisticated genealogy computer programs.

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