Ancestors from Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely

The Descendants of Thomas Vail


First Generation

THOMAS VAIL's birth date is unknown, he died and was buried in Ely, 27th September 1712. He married Martha CROFT on 15th September 1712 (The burial date and the marriage date do not tally).

THOMAS & MARTHA's children were:

  1. Sarah born Sept 25/7/1713, buried 2/11/1722, Ely, St Mary.

  2. WILLIAM VAIL (labourer) was baptised 19/10/1714, married Elizabeth

  3. White 21/10/1740, buried Ely, St Mary.

  4. Edward Vail baptised 18/13/1751, buried 15/3/1751, Ely, St Mary.

  5. Thomas Vail baptised 8/9/1717, buried 30/7/1721.

  6. Mary Vail baptised 22/8/1719, buried 5/1/1721/9, Ely, St Mary.

  7. Thomas Vail baptised 28/1/1721/22, buried 7/11/1722, Ely, St Mary.

  8. Dinah Vail, baptised 25/12/1723.

  9. Thomas Vail baptised 25/12.1723, Ely, St Mary, married Martha Herbear, 26/10/1747, Ely, St Mary.

  10. John Vail baptised 1/12/1728, buried 17/2/1730/31, Ely,Holy Trinity.

Second Generation

WILLIAM VAIL ( labourer) baptised 19/10/1714, married Elizabeth WHITE, 21/10/1740, buried atEly, St Mary, date unknown.

WILLIAM & ELIZABETH VAIL's children were:

  1. Sarah Vail baptised 19/10.1741, buried 22/7/1754, Ely, St Mary.

  2. WILLIAM VAIL, ( Blacksmith) was baptised 27/12/1743, Ely, St Mary, buried 14/5/1826, BRANDON, SUFFOLK.

  3. Elizabeth Vail baptised 2/12/1745, married John Minot, 13/5/1770, Ely, St Mary.

  4. Thomas Vail baptised 17/2/1747/8, Ely, St Mary.

  5. John Vail baptised 12/11/1750, Ely, St Mary.

  6. Edward Vail baptised 28/5/753.

  7. Sarah Vail 28/5/1756, buried 13/12/1758, Poor House, Small Pox, Ely, St Mary.

  8. Joseph Vail baptised 17/10/1758, El, St Mary.

Third Generation

WILLIAM VAIL ( Blacksmith) was baptised 27/12./1743, Ely, St Mary, buried 14/5/1826, BRANDON, SUFFOLK.

William Vail's Children were:

  1. WILLIAM VAIL, (WHITESMITH), was baptised 12/1/1776, died 27/3/1839, SAFFRON WALDEN, married ANN ATHEY, 5/11/1804, SAFFROM WALDEN, ANN ATHEY was baptised 27/2/1777 in MILDENHALL, SUFFOLK, died 26/4/185 in CAMBRIDGE.

  2. James Vail (Stonemason), was baptised /9/1788 in Mildenhall, Suffolk, he married Susan Adams, c 1806, Didington, Norfolk.

  3. Joseph Vail (Journeyman Bricklayer) baptised 17/1/1790 in Mildenhall, Suffolk, he married Elizabeth Unknown, Baker & Confectioner, born 1799, she died 16/4/1872 in Brandon, Sufflk, age 73, Joseph Vail died 5/7/1861 in Brandon, Suffolk, age 70.

Fourth Generation

WILLIAM VAIL baptised 12/1/1776 in Brandon, Suffolk,died 27/3/1839 in Saffron Walden, married ANN ATHEY 5/11/1804 in SAFFRON WALDEN, Ann was baptised 27/2/1777, MILDENHAL, SUFFOLK , she died 26/4/1850 in CAMBRIDGE.

WILLIAM & ANN VAIL's children were:

  1. Ann Vail baptised 1805 in Saffron Walden, died 1875 in Cambrige, married Henry Turner, 28/3/1826, Saffron Walden.

  2. William Vail born 20/11/1807. baptised 10/4/1808, Saffron Walden, he died 23/1/1877 in Cambridge, he married Elizabeth F Cowley, 13/2/18321 (misnoma).

  3. JOHN VAIL (Whitesmith )12/9/1811 in SAFFRON WALDEN, married ELIZABETH FERGUSON, 12/5/1831 in BARNWELL. JOHN died 1/4/1877 in CAMBRIDGE.

  4. Joseph Vail (Tailor) born 20/4/1813 in Saffron Walden, married Elizabeth Ann Vail, 22/10/1837, Ely, Trinity, Joseph died 23/11/1887. Elizabeth Ann was born 26/9/1815 in Ely, she died 15/1/1915 in Ely.

  5. Elizabeth Vail born 16/1/1816, saffron Walden, married Charles Starling, 6/10/1852, she died 15/12/1871 in Cambrige.

  6. Mary Ann Vail born 1818 in Saffron Walden, married Henry Hodeson (Whitesmith) 5/3/1840 in Saffron Walden, she died 14/2/1880 in Kingston on the Thames.

Fifth Generation

JOHN VAIL SR was born 1811 in Essex, he was a Whitesmith and bell hanger and married ELIZABETH HUGERSON, born 1804 in Landbeach, Cambridgeshire, she was a whitesmiths wife, her mother was Elizabeth Hugerson, born in 1772, ELIZABETH VAIL'S mother Elizabeth Hugerson was 79 years old on the 1851 census of Cambridge, she was born in Barnwell, Cambridgeshire.

JOHN & ELIZABETH VAIL's children were:

  1. ANN VAIL born 1836 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, still at home, unmarried, 15 years old.

  2. JOHN VAIL born 1838 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, still at home, 13 years old.

  3. WILLIAM VAIL born 1839 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Scholar, 12 years old.

  4. EDWARD VAIL born 1841 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Scholar, 10 years old.

  5. MARY ANN VAIL born 1843 in Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire, 8 years old.

  6. CLARA VAIL born 1844 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, 7 years old.

  7. ROBERT VAIL born 1846 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, 5 years old.

    Living at the VAIL house was a lodger at this time on the 1851 Census was Robert B Batley, unmarried, 22 years old, B.A. University of London, Paddington, (Bachelor Of Arts)

Sixth Generation

JOHN VAIL JR was born 1838 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, he was a General Smith in Cambridge, 43 years old, he was married to MARY A Unknown born 1835 in Cambridge, 46 years old.

JOHN & MARY VAIL'S Children were:FRANCIS MARY VAIL born 1862 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, 19 years old.

  1. HENRY J VAIL born 1863 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, 18 years old, Occupation: Ironmonger.

  2. FREDERICK H VAIL born 1866 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, 15 years old, Occupation: Ironmonger

  3. JOHN B VAIL born 1868 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Scholar, 13 years old.

  4. WILLIAM EDWARD BRUCE VAIL born 1871 in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, Scholar, 10 years old.
William Edward Bruce Vail
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Taken from 1851 and 1881 Census of Cambridge.

Kellys Directory of Cambridgeshire. 1896.

Page 52. Cambridge Private Residents.
VAIL Henry. 36, Tennison Road.
VAIL Miss, 10 Parker Street.
VAIL Wm, Corn Exchange Street.

Page 69. Cambridge Commercial.
VAIL Wm & Son, Smiths & Bellhangers, Corn Exchange Street.
VAIL John, General Smith & Ironmonger.

Page 214 Court Directory.
VAIL Henry, 36 Tennison Road, Cambridge.
VAIL Miss, 10 Parker Street, Cambridge.
VAIL Wm, 15 Corn Exchange Street, Cambridge.

Page 256. Trades Directory.
VAIL John, 1 Post Office Terrace, Cambridge.

Page 275. Trades Directory - Smiths, Blacksmiths & Farriers, VAIL W &
Son, Corn Exchange Street, Cambridge.
VAIL John, 1, Post Office Terrace, Cambridge.

1916 Directory.

JOHN VAIL. 1, Post Office Terrace, Cambridge, Gas Fitter, Bellhanger,
WILLIAM VAIL -- Son, Locksmith, Bellhangers -- 15, Corn Exchange Street,

1928/1929 Directories.

Furnishings, Ironmongers, Smiths, Bellhangers, Gas Fitters and Brazier.

1939. Directory.

Ironmonger, Locksmith, Hot Water Equipment, etc.

VAIL Name.

The VAIL name was first recorded in Northumberland in Northern England, located in the English and Scottish Border ridings, they were granted lands by William the Conqueror.

VAIL Coat of Arms

The VAIL Coat of Arms traces its roots to ancient times where it was carried in the field of honor.

VAIL Shield

Three Crosses diagonally between two narrow stripes between six eagles.
The Crest: "A Swans Head"
The Motto: " In te Domine Speravi "


Cambridge Daily News. Dec 10, 1956.
On Dec 10, 1956, WILLIAM EDWARD BRUCE VAIL, late of 14, EmeryStreet, Cambridge --- Funeral, City Cemetery on Wednesday at 2 pm, Flowers can be sent to the private chapel, Robert Sayle, Saint Andrews Street, Cambridge.

Catherine Vail's Obituary.

Cambridge Daily News. August 12, 1958.
On August 12, 1958 at Hitchin, Catherine Vail, wife of the late WILLIAM EDWARD BRUCE VAIL of Cambridge -- Funeral, City Cemetery Chapel on Thursday, August 14, at 12 noon. Flowers can be sent to Messr, Robert Sayle's private Chapel, Saint Andrews Street, Cambridge.

Cambridge City Cemetery, Newmarket Road.

In Loving Memory of WILLIAM E B VAIL, died December 8, 1956.
CATHERINE VAIL, died August 10, 1958
(Husband & Wife, they are buried under a Horse Chestnut Tree)

Sidney & Emily Rosetta VAIL buried near by.

Vail Ironmonger Store at 1, Post Office Terrace, Cambridge

John Vail Sr. was born in Saffron Walden, Essex in 1811, he was a resident of Cambridge by 1851.

John Vail Sr. was a whitesmith, John had a son also named John Vail (John Vail Jr.) who was born in 1838 in Cambridge, John later worked at his fathers, Ironmonger store at 1, Post Office Terrace, Cambridge. John Vail Sr. was the founder of the John Vail Ironmongers Store.

William Vail another son of John Vail Sr., established an Ironmongers in 1839 on Corn Exchange Street, pretty close to Post office terrace. This store was called William Vail & Son, William was in partnership with his son, who was also called William, (William R Vail) born in 1861, 20 years old, a General Smith on the 1881 Cambridge Census.

John Vail Sr. owned the Ironmonger store on Post office terrace and his son John Vail Jr. took over the ironmonger business when John Sr. died sometime before 1921. Two sons Henry J Vail, 18 years old and Frederick H Vail, 15 years old, their occupations were also Ironmongers on the 1881 Census of Cambridge.

John Vail Jr.'s two other sons, John B Vail born 1868 and William Edward Bruce Vail born 1871, (my Grandfather) both worked at the Ironmongers Store at 1, Post Office Terrace. The store was still in business in 1936, with John B Vail as the owner of the Vail Ironmonger Store, the store is listed in one of the Business Directories, we do not know when the business finished being an Ironmongers Store.

Vail Ironmongers - date unknown

Vail Ironmongers - 1872

Vail Ironmongers 1880s

Vail Ironmongers 1910



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