Ancestors from Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely

The Descendants of John Smith


JOHN SMITH married Elizabeth (? ) in 1747, they had a son named WILLIAM SMITH, born 1750, baptised in 1751 by the Deacon of the Old Baptist Chapel, William married Elizabeth Smith and married a second time to Rebecca Bodgers at Willingham in 1784, William was a gardener and died a widower in 1832.

WILLIAM SMITH had 4 sons, they were:

  1. ISAIAH SMITH born 1785 and died May 28, 1835, he married Elizabeth Norman born 1827, they had one son Norman Smith born 1827, died 1867, 40 years old he married Anne Tennison who died in 1852, Norman married a second time to Mary Ann Norman who died in 1924, 94 years old. Norman Smith had one son, Herbert Smith born 1850, died 1885, married a Tennison and lived in the Isle of Wight

  2. EBENEZER SMITH born in 1790, died 1857 at 66 years old, married Jane Goode, who died in 1865, they had no children.

  3. JOHN SMITH - No info on him.

  4. JACOB SMITH born 1791, died 1849, JACOB married ELIZABETH GRAVES on May 1, 1841, they had 4 children:
      1. William Graves Smith born March 3, 1815, married Jane Anderson.

      2. JOHN GRAVES SMITH born Dec 23, 1816, he died in 1900 at the age of 83 year old, he married ELIZABETH GRAVES, their son was HENRY JOHN SMITH "GENTLEMAN JOHN" born 1857 in Cottenham , John married ELLEN ELIZABETH GAUTREY born 1867 in Cottenham, Henry John Smith died June 1914 in Suez road, Cambridge, Romsey Town, Ellen died in Cambridge in 1927. HENRY JOHN SMITH & ELLEN ELIZABETH GAUTREY had four children: JOSEPHINE, DOROTHY, MABEL EUGINA born 1892, died in 1951 (my grandmother) and a son, EDWIN.

      3. Caroline Smith born Feb 11, 1822, she died in 1850, she married James Chivers, they had a daughter, Harriet Smith born 1847 and a son, George Smith born in 1850.

      4. HARRIET SMITH born Sept 14, 1819, she married W Thorpe.

    JACOB SMITH built Belgrave Hall following the fire of 1847, which spread from the now Village College site to Denmark Street, he in turn had a son, John Graves Smith, who had a son named HENRY JOHN SMITH, he was known as "Gentleman John" he was born in 1865, he married ELLEN ELIZABETH GAUTREY, the daughter of Azariah Gautrey & Elizabeth Piggot, born in 1867.

    Jacob Smith died in 1849, a wealthy Cottenham farmer, but like many other well off families of early Victorian times, they brought their children up as Gentlemen and when the farming depression came later that century, those men failed, whereas the Gautrey's were workers and weathered the bad years.

    Ellen Elizabeth (Gautrey) Smith came to Belgrave House when she married Henry John Smith, she was born in 1867 and was brought up in the Gautrey house, replaced in the 1880's by the three story house on the opposite side of the road nearer the Village Green and occupied by the Gautrey's until a few years ago. Henry John & Ellen Elizabeth Smith lost everything in the farming deressin and they moved to Cambridge, he was a gardener, John died three years after leaving Cottenham in June of 1914, he died at home in Suez Road, his wife Ellen died in 1927 in Cambridge.

    Mabel Eugina Smith


The history of this ancient England family name, traces its ancestry as a family of the Picts (the Picts and the Scots were from Scotland and in Roman times were very fierce fighting races, the Emperor Hadrian, built Hadrians wall, which was at the border of England and Scotland, it stretched from coast to coast to keep these people from invading England, you can still see the ruins of the wall today.)

Pictish origin before 1100, the surname Smith was recorded in Northern England and Scotland, wher they were seated from ancient times.


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