Ancestors from Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely

The Descendants of Paul Gautrey


The factual part of the story begins, then on Sept 21, 1696, when PAUL GAUTREY married WINIFRIDE BARBER at Witcham. Winifride came from an old Witcham family, she was already seven months pregnant and must have had a bad time that summer wondering whether she was going to get Paul to the altar. Paul was only a labourer, he wasn't a native of Witcham.  He may have been working elsewhere and had to wait until his master had got in the harvest before he would be free to come to Witcham and marry Winifride.

There are several possibilities of where Paul Gautrey was from, one was that he may have been an offshoot of the Yorkshire family of GAUTREY or GAWTREY, which flourished there in the middle ages and is still there today. There is a series of wills in the Yorkshire Registry dating from 1437 onwards, made by such characters as Sir Robet Galtres and Sir Richard Gawtre, who were landowners and a number of John, William, Thomas Gautreys with various spellings of the surname, who were yoemen or husbandmen or even labourers. Most of them lived in the North or East Ridings, but there were a few in the West Ridings, notably around Goole. If Paul came from this family, it can only be guessed how he came to be in Cambridgeshire. In 1626 the Dutch engineer Cornelius Vermuyden had undertaken some drainage work in the Isle of Axholme, not far from Goole and when, some years later, he was given the job of draining the Cambridgeshire Fens, he is reputed to have brought some of the Yorkshire labour force with him. One possibility is, that Paul Gautrey's father may have come from Yorkshire with Vermuyden to work the Fen drainage scheme and that he remained in Cambridgeshire. Another possibility is that Paul Gautrey's father was a soldier in Oliver Cromwells "New Model Army" some of whom were recruited in Yorkshire. A strong Puritan streak came out of the family in the early nineteenth century and this may have been an inherited trait. Paul was an unusual Christian name to give a child in those days and it might indicate that his father held strong religious views. General Ireton of Crowells Army was Governor of Ely in 1643 and it is possible that Paul's father  may have served there with him and settled when the Army was disbanded in 1660, only guesswork.

PAUL GAUTREY married WINIFRED BARBER, Sept 21, 1696 at Witcham, they had 7 Children:

Mary 1696, Elizabeth 1698, Martha 1700, Thomas, Died in infancy, 1701/1702. Thomas 1703, Sarah 1707, Anne 1710/1711, died in infancy, Shortly after Anne's death, Paul's wife Winifride died and was buried at Soham on April 3,1740, Paul soon married again, his second wife being Elizabeth Freeman whom he married at Witcham on June1, 1712, they had 2 children, Katherine born Jan 25, 1712/1713 and Paul born Sept 8, 1717.

THOMAS GAUTREY born 1703, died 1788, he married ANN COCKERTON at Soham, April 24, 1728, they had 7 children: Ann 1729, John 1730, Thomas died in infancy, 1738/1739, Martha 1734/ 1735, Thomas 1738/1739, Robert 1741, Paul 1734.

ROBERT GAUTREY born 1741, married MARY NORMAN, a widow at Cottenham, Cambridgeshire on Oct 25, 1768, they had 4 children: Mary 1769, Ann 1771, Mary 1772, John 1774.

JOHN GAUTREY born 1774, married MARY BARRETT at Cottenham, Cambridgeshire on Sept 11, 1796, they had 12 children: Sarah 1797, Mary 1799, John 1800, Robert 1802, Elizabeth 1804, Sarah 1807, Dinah 1809, Thomas 1812, Ephraim 1813,  Job 1816, Lydia 1818, Jazeb 1821.

JOHN GAUTREY born 1800 married SARAH MORLING at Cottenham, Cambridgeshire on Aug 29,1837, they had 6 children: AZARIAH, 1838, Ebenezer 1840, Elizabeth 1843, John 1845, Ephraim 1848, Mary Ann 1849, ( in 1861, John was farming 7 acres)

AZARIAH GAUTREY born 1838  he married ELIZABETH PIGGOTT at Chesterton Register Office on Aug 12, 1861, ELIZABETH was born 1838 and died in 1916. AZARIAH later became a shopkeeper of a greengrocers shop in Cottenham, he died  in 1906, they had 8 children: Herbert, Azariah, Albert, John, Sidney died in infancy, Edward, Sidney, ELLEN ELIZABETH GAUTREY born 1867, died 1927 in Cambridge, Ellen Elizabeth married HENRY JOHN SMITH born 1865 in Cottenham, the son of JACOB SMITHELIZABETH GRAVES of Cottenham, HENRY JOHN SMITH died June 30,1914 in Cambridge, they had 4 children: Josephine, Dorothy, MABEL EUGINIA born in 1892, died 1951, (my grandmother)


There are several possibilities of where the name GAUTREY and what the Gautrey name means, it is an offshoot of the Yorkshire family of GAUTREY or GAWTREY which flourished in the middle ages and it is still there today.

The family took it name from the Forest of Galtres or Gautres which was North and East of the City of York, its site has been marked today by such villages as Sutton -  on - the - Forest and Stockton - on - the - Forest. There are various spellings of the name and there is a Hamlet in the parish of Emneth in Norfolk, there are also some Gautreys in London, in the 17th and 18th centuries, one of Paul Gautrey descendants from Cambridgeshire, Jazeb Gautrey's son Tom Gautrey born in 1852, went to live in London and became a Journalist, in later years he was made Justice of the Peace and became an Alderman of Camberwell Burrough Council and there is a road named after him, Gautrey Road in Peckham SE 15, he died in 1949 at the age of 97 years old.

The GAUTREYS that live in Cottenham, Cambridgeshire today are fruit growers, there is a variety of strawberry named Brenda Gautrey, named after one of the Gautrey wives.


Born: May 14, 1837 at Cottenham.
Baptised: Unknown
Father: John Gautrey. (? 1802  - ? )
Mother: Sarah Gautrey (? 1803 - ? )
Married: Elizabeth Gautrey (?1838 - 1916) nee Piggott.


Herbert Norman Gautrey born ?1862 d, 1923.
Azariah Gautrey born ? 1864.
Albert Edward Gautrey born ?1865, d 1933.
Sidney Gautrey born ?1867, d 1869
ELLEN E GAUTREY born ? 1868.
Arthur John Gautrey  ?1870.
Edwin Gautrey born March 26, 1871.
Sidney Gautrey born  ? 1873.

1851 Census. Peter Whitcombe.

1851. Broad Street, North Fen, Cottenham, Cambridge.

John Gautrey   Head. Mar. 49. Gardner/ Farmer. Cottenham. 10 Acres. 1 Man.
(s. John & Mary nee Barrett)
Sarah Gautrey (nee Morling) Wife. Mar. 38. Cottenham.
AZARIAH GAUTREY.   Son. Un. 12. Scholar. Cottenham.
Ebenezer Gautrey.  Son. Un. 10. Scholar. Cottenham.
Elizabeth Gautrey. Dau. Un. 8. Scholar. Cottenham.
John Gautrey. Son. Un. 6. Scholar. Cottenham.
Ephraim Gautrey. Son. Un. 3. Cottenham.
Marion Gautrey. Dau. Un. 1, Cottenham.

1861 Census. Peter Whitcombe.

1861. Private House, Broad Lane, Cottenham. Cambridgeshire.

John Gautrey. Head. Mar.  59. Gardner/ Farmer.
(s. John & nee Barrett)    7 Acres.
Sarah Gautrey (nee Morling) Wife. Mar. 48.  Cottenham.
AZARIAH GAUTREY. Son. Un. 22. Gardner, Cottenham.
John Gautrey. Son. Un. 16. Cottenham.
Ephraim Gautrey. Son. Un. 12. Scholar. Cottenham.
Mary Ann Gautrey. Dau. 11. Scholar. Cottenham.

1871 Census. (Peter Whitcombe)

1871. High Street, Cottenham, Cambridgeshire.

AZARIAH GAUTREY.  Head. Mar. 32. Gardner, Cottenham.
(s. John & Sarah nee Morling)
Elizabeth Gautrey (nee Piggott) wife. Mar. 32. Cottenham.
Herbert N Gautrey. Son. Un. 9. Scholar.
Azariah Gautrey. Son. Un. 7. Scholar, Cottenham.
Albert E Gautrey. Son. Un. 6. Cottenham.
ELLEN E GAUTREY. Dau. Un. 3, Cottenham.
Arthur John Gautrey. Son. Un. 1, Cottenham.
NK Gautrey (Edwin). Son. Un. 7 days, Cottenham.
Ann Wilson.  Serv. Un. 17. Domestic Servant, Cottenham.
Mary Golding.  Nurse. Mar. 53. Cottenham.

1875.  Kelly's Directory.

Cottenham: residents Included.
AZARIAH GAUTREY  shopkeeper.

1881 Census. High Street, Cottenham, Cambridgeshire.

AZARIAH GAUTREY. M. 42. M. Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, England.
Elizabeth Gautrey. M. 42. F. Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, England.
Herbert Gautrey. M.  19.  M. Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, England.
Azariah Gautrey. U. 17. M. Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, England.
Arthur Edward Gautrey. 16. M. Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, England.
ELLEN ELIZABETH GAUTREY. 13. F. Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, England.
Arthur John Gautrey. 11. M. Cottenham, Cambridgshire, England.
Edwin Gautrey. 10. M. Cottenham, Cambridgeshire, England.
Sidney Gautrey. 8. M. Cottenham, Cambidgeshire, England.

1891 Census (Peter Whitcombe)

1891. High Street, Cottenham, Cambridgshire.

AZARIAH GAUTREY. Head. 52. Farmer. Cottenham.
(s. John & Sarah nee Morling)
ELIZABETH GAUTREY (nee Piggott). Wife. 52. Grocer. Cottenham.
Azariah Gautrey.  Son.  Un.  27. Farmers son. Cottenham.
Albert E Gautrey.  Son. Un. 26. Farmers Son. Cottenham.
ELLEN ELIZABETH GAUTREY. Dau. Un. 23. Cottenham.
Arthur J Gautrey.  Son. Un. 21. Farmers Son.
Edwin Gautrey. Son. Un. 20. Farmers Son, Cottenham.
Sidney Gautrey. Son. Un. 18. Farmers Son, Cottenham.
Bessie Golding. Serv. Un. 16. Domestic Servant. Cottenham.

Monumental Inscriptions at Cottenham Dissenters Cemetery.

In Loving Memory of AZARIAH GAUTREY born May 14, 1837, died Aug 31, 1906. A light is from our household gone, a voice we loved is still, a place vacant at the hearth, which will never be filled. Also ELIZABETH GAUTREY beloved wife of the above, who died Aug 23, 1916 in her 82nd year. Also Sidney Gautrey, son of the above, died Dec 1869, aged 2 years and 9 months, another son Sidney Gautrey born 1873, died Aug 31, 1906. Also Charles Percy Gautrey born Aug 29, 1889, died April 4, 1890. Also Frank Gautrey born Nov 11, 1903, died Feb 8, 1904, the beloved children of Azariah & Tryphe Gautrey.Suffer little children to come unto me.

In loving memory of Eliza wife of Alfred Moore, who died October 6, 1903, aged 59 years, Casting all your care on him for he careth for you. 

In affectionate remembrance of Jacob Graves, the beloved husband of Mary Graves, who died March 24, 1886, aged 72 years. the secret of the Lord is with them that fear him and he will shew them his covenant, also of the above, Mary Graves, born 1821, died 1889.

In affectionate remembrance of Ann (Graves) Gautrey, the beloved wife of Fred Gautrey, who departed this life, May 24, 1893, aged 46 years, Ann was born 1847, married Fred, Dec 24, 1883. Also Llewellyn Graves Gautrey daughter of Fred & Ann Gautrey, died Nov, 1890, aged 9 months.

In memory of Jazeb Gautrey who died Oct 29, 1883, aged 62 years, also Sophia born 1850, the only daughter of Jazeb & Sarah Gautrey, who died Nov 15, 1856, aged 6 years, also Tom Gautrey son of Jazeb &  Sarah Gautrey, born in 1852, died 1949. In memory of Sarah Gautrey wife of Jazeb Gautrey, who died Christmas Eve, 1889, aged 80 years.

In loving memory of Lizzie Beatrice, the beloved daughter of Fred & Ann Gautrey, who died Sept 5, 1906, aged 18 years (Poem Unreadable)

Jazeb Gautrey's children were:

Ann born 1847, who married Fred Gautrey, she died May 24, 1893, aged 46 years old, she had two children, Florence Kate born 1885 married to Clifford Morgan. Family still lives at Cottenham and lives in Fred's house.

Lizzie Beatrice born 1888, died Sept 5, 1906, age 18 years old.

Wright, 1856 - 1942. The name of Wright coming from the Spackman family, Mary had a brother Wright and a nephew named Wright Spackman. A parish council election  "Race Card" quotes "The Spackman and the Green End vet both Wright, may turn out wrong.

Mary Elizabeth Graves born March 18, 1861, she married Fred Gautrey on June 10, 1902 and died Dec 30, 1943.


Interment on April 28th, 1903 of Reginald  Stewart Gautrey, Cottenham, son of Fred & Mary Elizabeth Gautrey, 13 months old.

Interment on Sept 8, 1906 of Lizzie Gautrey, Cottenham, daughter  of Fred & Ann  (Graves) Gautrey, 18 years.

Interment of Fred Gautrey, The Green, Farmer & Fruit Grower, 81 years old

Headstone and Kerbs.

In Loving memory of Fred Gautrey, who died June 24, 1923, aged 81 years old, his end was peace. Also is wife Mary Elizabeth Gautrey born March 18, 1861, died Dec 3, 1943.

Ellen Elizabeth GAUTREY

ELLEN ELIZABETH GAUTREY born 1868 married HENRY JOHN SMITH born in 1865 (he went by John Smith) they sold up their business and property in Cottenham and went to live at Suez Road, Cambridge, John Smith died in June 30, 1914 at home, just three years after leaving Cottenham, Ellen died in Cambridge in 1927, they had 4 children:

Josephine Smith.

Dorothy Smith.

Mabel Eugina Smith born 1892, died 1951 of cancer, 58 years old (my grandmother)

Edwin Smith. (only Son)

Mabel Eugina SMITH

MABEL EUGINA SMITH & WILLIAM EDWARD BRUCE VAIL born 1871 in Cambridge and died Dec 10, 1956, they had 4 daughters:

Joyce Irene Smith married Kenneth Wagstaff.

Ethel Eugene Smith married Donald Chilvers.

Phyllis Josephine Smith born March 11, 1917, she married Victor Holmes, 2nd marriage: Wilfred Farrington.

Mabel Doreen Smith. Born Aug 24, 1920.

Mabel Doreen Smith & Eldrey Kriens had one daughter, SUSAN CHRISTINE SMITH BORN Nov 26, 1944, Susan married GORDON PAUL FAHNSTROM, son of Carl & Audrey Fahnstrom of Idaho, USA, Paul & Susan were married Dec 3, 1966 at the Shire Hall in Cambridge, England, they had three children:

Daryn Carl Fahnstrom born Sept 7, 1967.

Steven Paul Fahnstrom born Sept 7, 1967.

Erica Nicole Christine Fahnstrom born Oct 14, 1971.



If you think you are related then the person to contact is Susan Fahnstrom (email:

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